Fully recovered

I’ve been pretty quiet in the blogosphere and in real life too. Winter has hit me hard this year for some reason so I’ve curled up in a little ball in front of the heater, done my best to manage construction works around here, eaten a whole heap of all the wrong foods and avoided changing the batteries in the scales to find out just how much of said wrong foods I’ve eaten. 😉 At the moment I’m at the “I can face it but not sure I want to change it” stage of it all but as Spring arrives I am being a very proactive not so little hippy and getting my seeds ready to plant in the garden. 🙂 Continue reading

Blog hop around the world

I’ve been nominated by the lovely Fran from The Road to Serendipity fame to blog hop around the world. 🙂 Fran and her husband Steve are converting their 4 acres of gardens into a food mecca, taking their journey with their 2 dogs Earl and Bezial. Fran dropped me in this asked me to hop along with her and I have no choice am deeply honoured to add to the blog hop. 😉 Continue reading

Tallow soap

In the interests of waste not want not and making the most of our lambs who were butchered last weekend I saved every scrap of fat that would have otherwise been wasted and have been busy rendering it down much to the disgust of my olfactory senses and those of my long-suffering husband. Continue reading

I think I’m back

Wow, it’s been ages since I disappeared off-line. Nearly a month! And no, I’ve not been without a laptop that entire time but it has taken some time to get things up and working again. Not that we’re there entirely yet either. 😦 Continue reading