My wildest dreams have come true

I think I’ve hinted previous about some exciting news to share and finally I am able to do so. In fact, it’s now a little overdue, but I hope you’ll forgive me when you hear how busy we have been. 🙂 Continue reading


Liebster Award

liebster-award-button-imageI have been nominated for a Liebster award. Thanks Gav! 🙂

It’s always nice to be recognised in the blogosphere, even if you’re being very quiet on the blog post front. A few weeks back I got an email from Gav telling me he’d nominated me for a Liebster award. Given the crazy sort of life I lead it will be no surprise to Gav or to most of you, that I’ve taken this long to get around to acknowledging and forwarding it on. 🙂 Continue reading

Still ticking along

Just a brief note to let you know that we’re all still here and healthy. Life is full of crafting joy, as well as just busy as life with 3 young children tends to be. Sonia is currently in pieces, awaiting follow up to have her pressed metal surround replaced and she is currently chatting to the IXL 73 that I picked up for a bargain price and couldn’t resist. 😉

Days are spent by the fire, drinking coffee with friends and researching for the future (more on that another time). I will be back soon though, I promise. 🙂

Tiny Houses And Permaculture For A Resilient And Sustainable Future

“Peak Oil, economic collapse, global warming. There is little question that if humanity remains on the path we are on now, then there is little hope for a sustained existence on the planet. We need to change our thinking and adopt a more harmonious stance to our relationship with the biosphere. The principles of permaculture …

Source: Tiny Houses And Permaculture For A Resilient And Sustainable Future

A crème fraîche convert

Crème fraîche. It’s not all that common here in Australia. We have cream, whipped cream (the fake fluffy sugar filled treat one squirts directly into ones mouth 😉 ), sour cream and cream cheese. That’s kind if it on your basic supermarket shelf. Continue reading