Operation Homestead: Day 2

Exhausted but exhilarated. 3 spud boxes planted, 1 no dig garden in place to do its thing, 3 filthy kids asleep, 1 stuffed husband and 1 stuffed and excited me.

Found a frog today in the trailer load of compost – a welcome gift and made me think of your post 23thorns. 60 seconds later I’m screaming and heading for the hills at the unwanted 10cm long centipede also found in the compost. I did muck back in after its demise. Bleuch!

Met our farmer neighbours and their older son who live behind us (the chickens owners), Martin helped out a new friend in town and the kitchen has had its final measure up and the new kitchen will be ordered tomorrow. Things are really moving now. Hoping for a quiet day at home tomorrow which I will need to wash all the filthy muddy clothes! lol

Operation Homestead: Day 1

First full day of access to our new house. Still sinking in that it really is ours and that we will be moving to the country to live the dream! I’ve dreamed of this day for 15 or more years so it’s taking a LONG time time really sink in.

I am beyond tired tonight so this is more photos that post. My arms ache, my legs are doing jelly wobbles and I am ready for bed but it’s just gone 8:30pm! Need to stay up a little longer. 😦

We arrived at 11 (ish) for a chat with another bloke to help us with our reno’s. He seems promising. 🙂 On the way we swung into Bunnings to grab me some steel capped gumboots (or wellies as my dear British husband insists on calling them). Weather has been alternating between pouring rain and pouring sunshine today and we have learned a few things. There is a LOT of water on the block and several areas where drainage needs to be addressed. The weather can change very abruptly in Ballan. It’s VERY cold!

After lunch we got enough of a break in the weather to get the crates into place. I picked up 3 apple crates for $40 each from Dellios Apples in Bacchus Marsh for growing spuds in. I got the sort of ground leveled out and got them in place and laid down the first lot of lucerne mulch ready for the soil to go in on top. The weather turned nasty a few times in between so that took the arvo. We also mopped the floors in the house, gave the kitchen a clean, set up a few bits of furniture – portacot, trestle table and chairs – and generally reveled in the feeling of it already being home.

Anyway, here’s some photos.