Spiders and skeksis.

20130108-161431.jpg Mr Huntsman, the knickerman.

I got spidered today. I came face to face, or hairy legs to arm with Mr Huntsman. And I lost. I would t say I’m an arachnophobe. I’m not a huge fan and would never keep them as pets but our 8 legged friends don’t actually frighten me. Unless they spring out of my daughters knickers and attempt to run up my arm! Needless to say I screamed like women in cartoons do upon seeing a mouse, flung folded underwear everywhere and pegged it up the hall absolutely killing myself with hysterical laughter. Thankfully our builder, who is rather phobic of them, was called upon to remove the offending creature. It involved a long handled broom.

In my defense at being such a wuss, this wasn’t some penny sized pipsqueak but rather a small monster the size of a dinner plate… Ok, I exaggerate a little 🙂 but he would have reached almost all across the palm of my hand. He is at least the size of an LED downlight lightbulb.

20130108-162247.jpg Downlight in the background.

Something else I’ve been thinking this week is that my 5 week old Dorking chicks…

Remind me of skeksis from The Dark Crystal movie.