A book review

Have you ever picked up a book and found that you actually can’t believe how much you’ve read when you finish your coffee (or tea for those leaning towards the leaf drink)? Not so much easy to read but more that it merges from the page to the brain with zero effort. Until I read this book I had never experienced a book that simply migrated to my consciousness like this. It was a real experience. And to boot, the book was about a subject dear to my heart and existence. πŸ™‚ Continue reading


The Hunger Games – a review… Of sorts

If you ask a few friends of mine they would probably tell you I’m more than just a little obsessed with The Hunger Games. I’ve seen the films and read the trilogy… Twice. Actually, I’ve seen the films more than twice but let’s not delve into just how obsessed I am with the whole Hunger Games thing. Let’s just say that therapy might be a very necessary thing. πŸ˜‰Β In saying that, my obsession isn’t all bad. It’s been quite motivational really and very thought-provoking. Continue reading