A nice relaxing Friday night

My big brave boy has got 3 stitches centre front of his forehead, 2 Freddo frogs he is hoarding carefully until after lunch tomorrow and a big white bandage around his head too.

Sometime just before 7pm, Jas came a cropper with something (the end of the bed from what I can make out from the various stories and versions I’ve heard) and has a 2-2.5cm (1 inch) gash diagonally centre front of his forehead. It’s pretty deep too as far as a head wound can be. Still, it could have been worse. Had we been still living in Spotswood the evening would have been much harder and longer. A trip to hospital in Melbourne for us was to the Children’s hospital and involves waiting rooms of sick children and concerned parents. It’s a 20 minute drive to the hospital or longer in any form of traffic, several bucks for paid parking and then the long wait for over burdened hospital staff. Here? A 2 minute drive through town to the brand new hospital, unlimited free parking right out front and a waiting room filled with… Us! 🙂 2 nurses and a doctor all attending us with patience, time and heartfelt care. And we’re home again within 2 hours of the accident occurring. And the Freddo frogs came from the nurses too. 😀

We’re home now with all 3 kids tucked up in bed with a very relieved little sister comforted to know her big brother isn’t going to die (not that he was ever at risk of it I might add, just a very concerned little girl who kept her fears to herself) and that he is ok (she mightn’t be so impressed if he eats all his chocolate in front of her tomorrow). The carpet is cleaned (head wounds sure do make an awful mess) thanks to Allegra and Martin and finally, some time after 10pm this Friday evening does indeed begin to relax.