A Day in Ballan that wasn’t quite how I planned

Today hasn’t quite gone as planned. In fact, I’m pretty glad it hasn’t. It’s been fun.
The plan was to come up early to Ballan, pick up some soil, finish off the tyre garden beds and the last few bits of the chook pen. Instead, we’ve arrived after lunch in foul weather (after 40C degrees last week, the 6C my car thermometre is telling me is a little hard to take) and found several cars in our back garden, a giant hole and detached sewer lines. Definitely no room for me to navigate the car with the trailer. I could barely turn around without the trailer. And our trailer was full of gravel anyway. Hmmm. Now what to do?

I tossed up the idea of visiting friends but our first port of call had to be lunch for the starving troops. We headed into the supermarket and grabbed some tasty treats. I was trying to figure out where to have lunch when I saw the train station so we parked up opposite the station to watch for trains. Now that we are done with lunch I think we might head home for some more packing.

Moving day is still a bit up in the air as our builder is still tiling but we may be able to move Monday. Even so we might start moving up and store stuff in the tent until the tiles are laid and grouted. With carpet on Thursday and the glazier to do shower screen, mirror and replace the broken glass next Wednesday, we are so close I can taste it! Looking forward to baking in my new oven and cooking us all a meal in my new kitchen (yes Martin, the kitchen IS mine. 😉 )

Think I’ll be up again Thursday or Friday to plant my Tagasaste trees (Tree Lucerne) and I’ll bring the chooks up then too. Maybe even the bed frames. 😀