My missing mojo

My mojo went missing. It took a holiday yesterday, sauntering in around bedtime, smirking and incredibly proud of itself. I, on the other hand, was and remain, less than impressed. I had big plans for yesterday. I was going to divide (into 6 piles) then conquer and fold all my washing then get it put away. I was going to finish clearing my kitchen entirely, down to a spotless bench, knit some socks and several other things. Instead, I did nothing. And I mean NOTHING!

Well, I brought in the washing and picked some hawthorn berries (more to come on those) but seriously, given the huge pile of clean washing, the dishes in the kitchen and the state of the floors, it wasn’t even close to sufficient housework for the day.

My mojo thankfully , decided to stick around today. It’s not firing on all four cylinders but I’ll take anything after yesterday. At least 1/2 the washing is folded, Jasper and I have sorted out the caterpillars on the broccoli and I’ve baked bread, made bread dough for souring/rising in the fridge, got sourdough pasta souring, sourdough cake base souring had a go at sorting the kitchen and the hawthorn jelly is under way. I’ve still had plenty of time to sit and catch up on my blog reading but I do at least feel like we haven’t gone further backwards.

I’m sharing this because a few times I’ve had comments from people about being superwoman with all that I achieve and do but the reality is so far from that ideal that it’s unbelievable. And some days even us eco-warriors if I dare to label myself with such an exalted moniker, need some down time. We have under achieving days. We fall flat on our faces, figuratively and literally. Just like everyone else.

So in the interests of keeping it real and honest, the Rabid Little Hippy is all ready to be rabid again. 😀