Peak Challenge I

Way back when I was dabbling around the edge of being green, I ran across 2 bloggers. The first was Linda from Living the Good Life. I read one of Linda’s posts and I was HOOKED! I dove back to the very beginning and read every single post! I loved it! I thought they were a bit crazy taking it to the level that they did;)  but still, WOW! I was very inspired. 😀 From a comment made on her blog (I think) I came across Gav from Greening of Gavin, a man who inspired me to have a go and make a change. And he was local too! 🙂 Both of these bloggers have remained an important part of what inspires me to do what I do and nowadays I aspire to live a life as dedicated to the environment as both Linda and Gav.

Linda has been working on a crowd funded project to try to share the message about the peril in which our civilisation stands with the public. I’ve been slow in reading her latest post but she has her short films up on YouTube and I wanted to share them with you. I’m going to post a series of posts showing one of her films in each post. They are only 4 or so minutes long each which I salute Linda for her skills in sharing so much information so succinctly, accurately and in such an easy to watch form.

Her first film, Peak Challenge I outlines what is happening, or as Linda states it “what we’re getting wrong”.


Please watch and please share.