A family Eco day.

Saturday was a bit of a mad rush. I had decided to try and cram several things into the day and by some plans changing last night there was a few extra bits needed doing today as well. And of course I just had to have a sleep in too. 😉

The morning was the Spotswood Primary School Farmers Market, our local farmers market and as we had not been in a few months I was determined to pop down and pick up some veggies. We made it down there and stocked up on some lovely fresh veggies, then headed off to CERES for lunch and a wander around.

Have you ever been to CERES? Down in Brunswick, it’s build on a decommissioned landfill and it’s an absolute heaven of organic fruits and vegetables, an organics shop where you can buy in your own containers and in bulk, a nursery and a small market area. There is a bike co-op, chickens galore, a rammed earth tyre retaining wall in nature of practice for building an earthship and oh so much more. It is absolutely mind boggling how much ecological information, sustainable practice and organic produce is packed into 4.5 hectares (just over 11 acres). It is an amazing place and there never seems to be enough time to explore it properly. Sadly there was not enough time this time either, but we had a lovely lunch and grabbed a few snacks and bits before heading off to Ballan to check the house out again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent looking over and seeing if our castle in the air dreams will fit onto the reality of the house (they should YAY :D) and then a trip home with chicken and chips for dinner (can’t believe people STILL use polystyrene containers :() and a late night after baking bread and cupcakes for Sunday’s party.

Apart from chips in polystyrene (absolute evil for the environment as it can’t be recycled and nor does it break down) I feel we didn’t do too bad in caring for old Gaia. We took most of our own snacks, the ones we bought were organic and our car gets very good mileage per litre.

So what did your Saturday entail?