It has happened before and it is happening again

I had another attack of the fears last night. I know, I know, I really need to get this under control. 😦 The difference was last night I actually ran with it and tried to actually face precisely what I fear. It would help if I had exact details here but clearly my brain is happy to run with generalities. 😦 Continue reading


There’s no tomorrow aka now I understand.

Thanks foodnstuff for your post. 🙂 Watching this short film “There’s no tomorrow” last night helped me bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. The problems facing our world are all interconnected and it’s a HUGE mix of different factors that I find overwhelming at times. Overpopulation, economic growth, global warming and climate change, fossil fuels and more. This film is easy to watch and easy to understand too and it brings all these issues together. Continue reading