Gardening Australia provides the answers

I love Gardening Australia although I must admit I did go off watching it for quite a while after Pete Cundall left the show. He was such a character and so very inspiring.

Anyway, I’m catching up on last weeks episode on ABC iview and The second feature is about a guy who is harvesting an astounding amount of produce from his rental property. Yep, a rental!  There are ideas he has here that I can’t wait to implement and so many fantastic ideas on growing your own food in a property that isn’t your own that would work if your landlord won’t permit you to dig up the lawn or plant out edibles. Even for those of us who are lucky enough to own our houses there are some incredible ideas here that are using repurposed items and creating incredibly waterwise gardens. In fact I’d say ingenious!

Here’s the preview.


Pop over to ABC iview to watch the full episode! You’ve got 6 days before they cycle it on. 😀