There’s no tomorrow aka now I understand.

Thanks foodnstuff for your post. πŸ™‚ Watching this short film “There’s no tomorrow” last night helped me bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. The problems facing our world are all interconnected and it’s a HUGE mix of different factors that I find overwhelming at times. Overpopulation, economic growth, global warming and climate change, fossil fuels and more. This film is easy to watch and easy to understand too and it brings all these issues together. Continue reading


Makes you stop and think seriously… Or if it doesn’t, it should.

I don’t like using the word “should” as it’s me telling you what I think your mind needs to believe. It’s imposing ones thoughts and beliefs upon another. You should eat more/less. You should get more sleep. I mean, who am I to judge what you should or shouldn’t do? But in this case I feel strongly enough to tell you that I think you should read this post. It should make you stop and think. It should make you take check of your lifestyle and how you use fossil fuels. That’s a strong place to be and between you and me it makes me nervous to be dictating my beliefs. But unless we share what we believe strongly about we are not going to get the message we wish to share, across to anyone. Be it your religious beliefs or other lifestyle choices – vegetarianism, veganism, walking not driving, Commodore vs Ford (that’s for my brother the pro Ford king) or any other stand or stance you take on anything at all – we all have things we believe strongly in, passions we live, eat and breathe or values we would die for. Well, this is something I believe strongly enough in to tell you I believe you should read this. It’s facts, not a diatribe. It’s information, not a sermon. It’s data that allows you to come to your own conclusions. And if it’s enough to make me feel deeply sorry for a snake, me the ophidiophobe, then hey, it’s powerful stuff.

PLEASE read this. πŸ™‚

Warmest decade on record brings record temperatures and weather extremes.Β It made me think of the film Day after Tomorrow as there are many any similarities in what happened in the film and what happened in real life. Ok, not to the extremes of Hollywood but the jet stream activity sounds very familiar to fans of the film.

Again I ask, please read it.