Another day (or more)

I’d say another dollar but I never seem to see that other dollar somehow. Don’t ask Martin either. He’d tell you I’d just spent it! 😉 Continue reading

The year that was – 2013

Much to my surprise 2013 has come to a close. And as is natural at this time of year I am reflecting over the year that was.

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All tuckered out

I sit here, exhausted! And boy does it feel good. 🙂 I am well ready for bed though.

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Spring Fever

Yep, I am on a roll. 😀 Spring has sprung and I have been bitten by the gardening bug! 😀 I have Spring fever. 😀 It’s wonderful. 😀

Just substitute March for September my southern Hemisphere friends

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A day in the garden again

As much as I am both enjoying and making the most of this unseasonably warm start to Spring I must be honest and say I don’t like it. Surely, 23 degrees in early September pushes some weather records. 😦 And not for the better. But as I said, I AM enjoying it and have been making the most of it too. Today we were out in the garden from about 10am until after 6 and I am suitably exhausted. Continue reading