I don’t like Monday’s

At the moment I really don’t like Mondays. Mondays are the day of “back to reality” for most of us, either with work or studies or stay at home parents who are back to the role of single parenting throughout the day at least. For me, I’m back to looking after 3 kids by myself (Martin is a wonderful hands on dad) and it means I’m back to face the consequences of 2 days spent in Ballan – dishes, laundry, egg hunting (I cannot find where they’ve been laying which either means they’ve gone on the blink again or they’ve got some very very cunning place to hide their eggs. I suspect it’s the former) and all the other domestic duties that seem to accumulate whilst no-one is looking. Added to that, after 2 days of huge amounts of freedom, we are back to a smaller area with less toys and less available freedom for the kids. Monday is the day when they rattle the bars of the cage so to speak. 😦 I also have 2 cats who’ve not seen more than a fleeting glance of us at meal times and who demand their due in tummy scratches and snuggles. And finally, Monday is the day that I pay the consequences for my actions.

I had a headache on Sunday. I’d carried Orik on my back in our Ergo carrier all day Saturday. He’s around the 14 kgs mark so he’s no light weight and I knew my neck was complaining when I woke with a s ore head (definitely not a hangover – I don’t drink). And shoveling a trailer load of manure on Sunday afternoon was all to much and this morning I woke to another headache. I hate headaches but I resent popping pills for them too. My headaches are always caused by something being not right and if I can fix whatever isn’t working the pain will go away. I KNEW my neck was absolutely stuffed (my osteo is well impressed at the level of tension I can work into those well abused muscles in the space of two days) and my lower back wasn’t all that much better. He’s managed to remove most of the muscle tension, cracked a few bits and bobs and now things are considerably better. Thanks Saul. 🙂

We achieved a bit today though. Last night I’d battened down the hatches due to a slight risk of frost which, in our little hollow means a fair chance I reckon. I needed to get back up there and uncover all the plants again from under their straw or composted manure bedding. Everything has survived which is great but I don’t yet know if there was actually any frost. I know there is another chance Wednesday though so we might be repeating the performance then. 😦 I found a few more beans pushing their way through the soil and I also planted out a few dozen more but Borlotti beans, Cherokee Wax Butter beans and Scarlett Runner Beans. Narf, you’d be well proud of me as I totally ignored the rules on how close I should be planting them together. 😉 I also planted out some of my herbs into my tyre gardens. I’ve been doing some research on tyres and they can leach heavy metals, cadmium and lead into the soil so you do need to be very careful about what you plant in them. Beans were recommended as low cadmium absorbing plants. I am hoping peas will be the same but I will be looking closely as to weather my herbs will be ok in there and the same with my sunflowers. More research to come on this.

Well, off for an early night here and hoping Tuesday is a better day.