Operation Homestead: Days 3 and 4

Homesteading, I’ve decided, is a LOT harder than I thought. I never envisioned putting in the garden beds to be quite as hard as it actually is. So hard that I’ve put my neck out. 😦 I spent yesterday pretty much up close and personal with a wheat pack. My kids thought it was great. They had full free-ranging freedom! lol A trip to the osteopath has eased things up tremendously and another treatment is booked for Thursday. Here’s hoping I can wield a spade on Saturday.

Maxxie and the chickens mutually not caring about each others presence.

Anyway, I’m now on the mend and planning out our weekend. I’ve advertised our new house’s existing kitchen on Freecycle and that will be picked up on Sunday, and the carpets will be picked up probably during the week as well. The new kitchen is ready to be ordered – just awaiting the final quote which we should get tonight. It’s exciting times here. We also enjoyed the sunshine in the garden today and to my delight we had 3 chickens free ranging within a metre of our Maxxie cat who didn’t bat an eyelid! We can only hope that our Minnie cat does the same thing.

Allegra helping with the bigger seeds – the pumpkins

In anticipation of the gardens being ready and the warmer weather we seem to be having I started planting the seeds for the “plant after the last frost” plants. Many of them don’t like being transplanted, such as corn, pumpkins, sunflowers, beans, peas and zucchinis, but with the exception of the peas and beans, I can get them all started growing in newspaper pots which can be planted straight into the garden, pots and all. It gives me a head start on the growing season which I am realising will be shorter than what I am used to in Melbourne. The difference between a temperate Melbourne climate and the it’s around 500m above sea level cold climate Ballan I guess.

Anyway, time for the wheat pack and a nice hot chocolate here now that peace finally reigns (children are all finally in bed).