The Healthy Living eBook Bundle

I was recommended I check out this ebook bundle last night by a dear friend. It had come up on some of the blogs I read and I had been contemplating it. Well, last night I purchased it and this morning as I was having a read of the sourdough book before breakfast I was hit in the face with 2 inspiring recipes I thought I would try out. I’m off to the produce swap tomorrow morning so I’ve been feeding my sourdough starter up so I have some to give away and after making up jars I had extra still left over. Well, I now have sourdough pizza dough proving on my bench and I also made sourdough pancakes. What can I say but…

Oh my goodness, the ease and deliciosity (so divine I’m inspired to make new words!) of the recipe. I overcooked them a little and I have no photos to share but it was AMAZING!

Check out the ebook bundle and HURRY HURRY HURRY! It’s in the last day of the sale and it’s about $300 of books for $29 PDF books. No need for fancy readers or apps, just adobe acrobat which you can download here. Seriously, check out that bundle. It’s the bees knees!