I got sunburned

In August! And no, I am not in the northern hemisphere. It is winter here. Maybe the last few days thereof, but it is still winter. It’s been absolutely lovely outside in the sunshine, soaking up fresh air and vitamin D but after 2 days of doing so, my vitamin D requirements have been overshadowed by sunburn. Continue reading

Be the change you want to see

Reading through my RSS feed this morning and Milkwood provided yet another awesome post (love you guys). There were 2 videos embedded, one from Nicole Foss and the other from David Holmgren. Nicole outlines a goodly part of the problem and David hands us the answer. Doesn’t come clearer than this. 🙂 Continue reading

Pip Permaculture

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Pip Australian Permaculture.

Australia has a new Permaculture magazine. Pip! Pip was a crowd funded project through Pozible earlier this year and one to which I was most proud to contribute (my name is printed in there too 🙂 and was the first thing for which I looked 😀 ). Printed on 100% recycled paper Pip is a gorgeous magazine and one to keep on the shelves. Indeed it would also make a wonderful coffee table book. Continue reading