A Day of Community

What a wonderful day! Actually, I’d go so far as to say spectacular!  And I’m not just referring to the amazing weather we had today. It started off a little cool and overcast but the wonderful sunshine, even though the day was apparently not particularly warm, was heavenly. Possibly a little too heavenly given the rose in my cheeks. Hmmm.

No, today was spectacular partly because it was Sustainable House Day. This is definitely something I aspire to be a part of in years to come. Being able to open my house to those curious to come and see what steps can be taken towards self sustainability, a lighter carbon footprint and how much we can actually do ourselves. At the moment though all I could show is a pantry of greatly depleted food stocks and some nappies of the compostable variety (clean ones as I’m sure dirty nappies aren’t particularly all that appealing to see). Maybe next year. Or the year after. No, today for us was an opportunity to meet one of my inspirations, a family who have taken the steps and made the changes we are planning to make. Gavin from The Greening of Gavin and Little Green Cheese fame had opened his house up to the public, along with many others, and we made the journey out to Melton to be inspired. And inspired I was! He has turned his unproductive lawns into a sustainable and productive garden that is also practical and very beautiful. A chicken palace, well designed irrigated or self watering garden beds, solar power, hybrid car and much much more, his home is a testament to dedication, thought, planning and belief as well as a lot of hard work. Gavin, you have definitely motivated me!

From here we had planned to see a second house in Mt Egerton, a town close to Ballan but when we got there we had 2 sleeping children so rang a lovely couple we had met in Ballan on the day of the auction and organised to meet up for a cuppa and a chat. They too have made the tree change from Melbourne and are in the process of turning their short-stay caravan park Phoenix Park into “an ecovillage full of creative centres and community gardens”. You can imagine the conversations we had. Our children ran off their pent up energy whilst we made some new friends and shared our dreams and visions.

We also popped in and did a wee bit of pruning at the new house which also involved a good old chinwag over the back fence with our soon to be new neighbours. They have 4 little calves mowing the grass in the paddock directly behind our block which is going to add to the charm of the new house as I can see them from my kitchen window.

We didn’t get to our plans to tidy up the front garden or finishing cleaning up our current house but sometimes a good conversation, a cup of tea and bucket loads of inspiration are just more important.