Operation Homestead: Day 8 AKA Well that didn’t quite go to plan

Melbourne, in fact Victoria and probably most of the southern east coast of Australia had sensational weather last week. Sunny day after sunny day and Melbourne even achieved a top of 31 on Thursday. It’s only early spring and it’s one of the hottest early October days I can remember. It was hot enough to have a fair go at convincing climate change skeptics and hot enough to bring out the snakes. Today however? My car proudly announced in lights that it was a balmy 5 degrees Celcius. What happened to the other 26 degrees in 2 days? As today was Saturday it is needless to say we had big plans for house and garden.

We started the day off with our alarm clock aka Allegra waking us all up at 5:45am with a rousing rendition of “DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!” which was continued until said Daddy dragged his exhausted from the week at work backside out of bed to silence aforementioned alarm clock. As per usual, said alarm clock refused to be silenced and cheerfully announced “It’s sunny Daddy. Time to get up.” Orik, to my surprise, slept through this so I had the wonder of another 45 minutes of sleep snuggled up in ed with my littlest man. Daddy had the 2 older ones up. This has to be the first time EVER I have eagerly anticipated the start of daylight savings. After pancakes for breakfast we loaded everything needed into the car and headed off. Only 18 minutes later than planned. Nearly a miracle. 😀

First stop, Altona for several boxes of newspapers that I was given via a freecycle advert. Then on to Bacchus Marsh to get compost. Puzzlingly, our compost man was nowhere to be seen so after a few minutes looking around for him we shrugged the shoulders and hit the road again for Ballan. By this stage we are running about 45 minutes late. Go figure.

Upon arrival in Ballan we unload trailer, children, food supplies and tools and then Orik and I headed off to pick up a friend and head off to the Ballarat Community Gardens Local Produce Swap. As luck would have it, 2 baby boys needed feeding and by the time we hit the road again we were close to 90 minutes late. So, sadly we arrived just as people were leaving and going home. Still, I still managed to swap egg cartons, sourdough starter, strawberry jam and 2 different lots of pumpkin seeds and I came home with 2 different lots of marmalade, some fresh lettuce, preserved lemons, a dozen eggs,a pot of parsley and 4 pyrethrum plants. Best of all I made a new friend who is into breeding and raising Silver grey Dorking chickens, the same breed as our now 2-3 day old chicks. Yay! 😀

When I got back to the house I found my poor long suffering husband had been dealing with 2 preschoolers who were both having meltdowns. Jasper was wandering around in Daddy’s jumper but refused to wear his own jacket and Allegra was also refusing her jacket. It was also raining so it was preventing Martin from getting the nearly foot high grass mowed or the trampoline set up. Lunch seemed to settle the troops for about 30 minutes but sadly we ended up with 3 melting down about an hour later so called it a day.

Here’s hoping for a productive and warmer day tomorrow.