I feel like I’ve been in hiding this last week or so and indeed I have been. Life decided that it was going to rain. And sometimes when it rains, it pours. Life got more than a little overwhelming and when it gets like that I hibernate.  Continue reading

It’s doing WHAT?

I can’t quite get my head around it but…

Thanks Narf for sharing about morguefiles. No, this photo is NOT from our place.


Yep, it is actually snowing here right at this moment, proper snow (well almost entirely without rain) and it is coming down at a decent rate. The temperature at this second is 1.6C although that thermometre takes its reading right outside the window closest to the fireplace so I doubt its accuracy so it may well be colder. It’s been steadily dropping from the 3.9C I saw it at when first I noticed the snow. Nothing is settling on the ground as yet but I have 2 mega excited kids running around seeking out their missing gloves, hats and scarves, both wearing their snow overalls (dungarees). Now just to hope it settles on the ground enough to actually photograph! 🙂