Shedding and shelving and sprouting and stuff

I spent yesterday afternoon building a new shed for our, hopefully soon to have permission from my husband toĀ get, goats. šŸ˜€

I did a little rough maths the other day. We go through a LOT of milk in our house. I drink a glass a day, the kids and I all have a hot chocolate “coffee” in the morning and that alone uses 700ml of milk. I usually make us yoghurt and we have custard at least once a week. Orik is also only 18 months old and although I continue to breastfeed him we supplement with milk so he too drinks a lot. I also make milk kefir although this doesn’t use that much really. Still and all on a heavy milk day we can use 3 litres a day – up to 21 litreĀ a week! We don’t buy Coles milk at $1/L so we conservatively worked out at between $4 and $5 for our 3 litreĀ bottle. So if we say 20 litres a week at $4 per 3 litreĀ that is about $28 a week. Per year? Continue reading