World Permaculture day, David Holmgren and Melliodora and a day off from the kids

Time off is an important part of staying sane. For a full time stay at home mum with 3 kids under 5 life is challenging. There are days where things go smoothly, kids are dressed, fed and we’re on our way somewhere with minimal issues. Then there are other days that descend into madness, or worse yet, hell, and stay there until bed time. Those are the days I try very very hard to never think of again except to vow to do all in my power to prevent it happening again. Most days however are somewhere in between. This morning for example, I have a half naked child playing on cold tiles refusing to get dressed. The other 2 are happily playing although one is also not doing as told and so I get the chance to sit and blog whilst I await some obedience (getting dressed or putting on shoes are not difficult tasks). As I said, I don’t mind too much although if it starts to rain again they will find our plans are off. Can’t play in the garden when it’s cold and raining. Continue reading