My wildest dreams have come true

I think I’ve hinted previous about some exciting news to share and finally I am able to do so. In fact, it’s now a little overdue, but I hope you’ll forgive me when you hear how busy we have been.🙂 Continue reading

Liebster Award

liebster-award-button-imageI have been nominated for a Liebster award. Thanks Gav!🙂

It’s always nice to be recognised in the blogosphere, even if you’re being very quiet on the blog post front. A few weeks back I got an email from Gav telling me he’d nominated me for a Liebster award. Given the crazy sort of life I lead it will be no surprise to Gav or to most of you, that I’ve taken this long to get around to acknowledging and forwarding it on.🙂 Continue reading

Still ticking along

Just a brief note to let you know that we’re all still here and healthy. Life is full of crafting joy, as well as just busy as life with 3 young children tends to be. Sonia is currently in pieces, awaiting follow up to have her pressed metal surround replaced and she is currently chatting to the IXL 73 that I picked up for a bargain price and couldn’t resist.😉

Days are spent by the fire, drinking coffee with friends and researching for the future (more on that another time). I will be back soon though, I promise.🙂