A crème fraîche convert

Crème fraîche. It’s not all that common here in Australia. We have cream, whipped cream (the fake fluffy sugar filled treat one squirts directly into ones mouth ;) ), sour cream and cream cheese. That’s kind if it on your basic supermarket shelf. Continue reading

Christmas, New Years and the garden


This morning was glorious. I was up before the sun and although it’s cool and overcast this morning (a pleasant change from scorching sun in cloudless skies) it was lovely to firstly watch the light oozing into the day and then a little later, be outside gardening. Continue reading

That time of year again

It’s the time of year where people start to reminisce on the year that was. Many of the blogs I follow, along the self-sufficiency or homesteading line are recounting all they’ve achieved in the last year, on harvests, builds, animals and more. Do results line up with new years resolutions made about 355 days ago and has that time been productive.
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