7 thoughts on “That ain’t no way to treat a lady!

  1. Linne says:

    I saw this on the original site; a great way to make people think! Thanks for sharing it further, Jess. ~ Linne

    • NEEDS to be shared. I don’t understand why we humans seem to think that as we are at the top of the food chain (well, amongst the other top players at least 😉 ) that we get to do what we want to those animals further down the chain. For those that choose to eat meat or animal products is it really that hard to show some respect for those animals who work for or feed us?

  2. Lynda says:

    Cool Ad but i haven’t seen in on the box yet (not that i turn it on much – i’m too busy looking at this flat box in front of me).

    • I just wish they had a box to tick that said “raise your own chickens/meat and be as ethical about it as you can be” but the next best thing in this case it to pledge never to buy cage eggs again. Shouldn’t really need to if you have your own birds anyway. 😉 Thanks QAL

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