A Loaded Gun

Just one giant shopping mall indeed. 😦

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

“Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet.”
Terence McKenna

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Feb 2011 022

I was shocked when I first read this quote!


However, it is not a statement I can debate, because, from where I am at this moment in time, I have to agree.

It is short and succinct!

It is true.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

Returning recently from a shopping trip to Sligo, my head aching from the slow trawl around shops, keeping apace with other shoppers, most of whom seemed in a trance-like state, almost zombified; it struck me that many were there as a source of passive entertainment.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

Shopping has become a pastime for many.

What does this say about our society?

Rhubarb Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Feb 2011 015

Is it merely that we are nothing more than consumers?

Let’s face it, our governments have long since created the global economic model upon that premise, that we are consumers of a vast global shopping…

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3 thoughts on “A Loaded Gun

  1. Leigh says:

    What I wonder is why they think everyone will simply want the same thing and go along with it. It seems to me that there is an increasing number of folks who do not want to be forced into this consumer mold and are looking for ways out. Hence the homesteading movement. I suppose they just think of it as another fad, er, trend, but for those who see the writing on the wall, being a sheeple is not an option.

  2. CJ says:

    So much in western life seems to create zombies – staring at shops, staring at computer games. It scares me to wonder where it will all end. I just hope there are enough people left who haven’t been brainwashed. CJ xx

    • I think there will be enough of us. Enough to ensure continuity of community and society if we haven’t screwed the environment beyond the point of survival that is. If 1 in 100 people were homesteading it would make life much more manageable and pleasant come the SHTF but we will make do with what we have.
      As for zombies, I guess the zombie apocalypse is actually here and now and we’re waiting for the apocalypse coming next. 😉

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